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Our next meeting will be on Tuesday the 6th of September 2017 at 7:30 pm Location
 We are looking for someone to run our acebook Page,  if you can help, then please contact us.
DEFRA Air Quality Plan, Consultation Link
As part of our current clean air campaign, we have produced a Quick Guide for self-help.
Children with nothing to do? – then see our Junior FoE page for ideas.


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June 2017

Raising awareness of air quality issues at our stall in High Wycombe on Saturday 1st of July

FoE Campaigners, promote the importance of clean air.

At least one of the passers-by got the message!

Passers-by joined the call for action to improve Wycombe’s air quality at Wycombe Friends of the Earth’s recent town centre stall.

Bad air quality, chiefly arising from traffic fumes, is thought to cause 40,000 premature deaths in the UK every year. It is also thought that air pollution stunts the development of children’s lungs, leading to problems in later life.

Official figures, along with recent short-term monitoring by the group, show that nitrogen dioxide levels exceed the legal target on many of the main roads in and around High Wycombe and Marlow.

Friends of the Earth is thus calling on government to take urgent and effective action to clean up our air, including the phasing out of the dirtiest diesel vehicles.

Mike Chadwick, Joint Coordinator of Wycombe Friends of the Earth, said that “our conversations at the stall clearly showed this is an issue that concerns and affects many local people, and the cards to MPs that were signed at the stall, will help get this message across.


May 2017

Our Pann Mill Stall in High Wycombe on Sunday 14th May 2017

Preparation of the stall

Discussing the importance of Air Quality

Clean Air update – May 2017
Latest News on the Air Quality Plan at National FoE  
National FoE Air Quality Briefing PDF
See our Air Quality Poster. 

April 2017

Wycombe Friends of the Earth has warned South Bucks to not be “complacent” about pollution levels on a busy High Wycombe road. See the BFP article.

October 2017

Clean Air
We are currently arranging a meeting with Wycombe District Council, in order discuss air pollution in the Wycombe area, and the way in which it is measured.
As part of our clean air campaign, we have produced a Quick Guide, for self-help.

June 2016

Revive the Wye
During our June meeting, we had a superb presentation from a member of Revive the Wye, We were truly impressed by the amount of great work that has been achieved. Find out more here. If you have time please try to support this local cause.

revive the wye 2016

March 2016

Film Screening
On March the 23rd March WFoE screened a public viewing of the Naomi Kline film “This changes everything
The evening was deemed a great success, with the venue being almost full to capacity.
thischangeseverything 180

November 2015

People’s March for Climate
A number of members of Wycombe Friends of the Earth travelled by train to join thousands of marchers at this London event on the 29th of November 2015. This was ahead of the Climate Change Talks in Paris which we hope will produce a positive outcome for our beautiful planet.

June 2015

London Climate Mass Lobby – 17th June 2015

Members of Wycombe Friends of the Earth, along with others from Wycombe and Beaconsfield, attended the Climate Mass Lobby on 17th June in London. Approaching 10,000 constituents took part in the event to meet MPs outside Westminster in what is
thought to be the biggest ever UK lobby on climate change.

Climate-Lobby2-2015 The event was organised by the Climate Coalition, a group of charities, unions and faith groups. The whole day was well planned and managed. It maintained a very happy atmosphere and was well attended. Most importantly over 300 MPs were lobbied!

More information from National FoE.

May 2015

Pan Mill Open Day May 2015
To help promote our Bee Campaign, Wycombe Friends of the Earth ran a stall at the Pann Mill Open Day in High Wycombe on 10th May 2015.

our Bee campaign at Pann Mill in May 2015


It was a pleasant day in the beautiful Pann Mill garden with the water mill turning and grinding wheat. We talked to people about the importance of bees and encouraged bee friendly garden planting or, even easier, leaving a patch of garden to ‘run to weed’!
We sold some plants, had ‘bee biscuits’ available, and also distributed copies of our updated, beautifully illustrated, 2015 bee leaflet that gives information about bees and local walks, as well as craft activities for primary aged children. If you would like a leaflet, you can view and download the leaflet below.
Alternatively, there are leaflets available at Arts4every1 in Desborough Road, High Wycombe, Wycombe Environment Centre and also at High Wycombe library.
Let us all bee friendly!


April 2015

Junior WFoE
See our Junior “FoE” Page here

March 2015bee-animatedbee-animated

The Bee Cause
Part of our support for the Friends of the Earth “Bee Cause” campaign.
Download our 2015  (now 2016!) fun leaflet on:
Bee related facts & activities in the Wycombe area.
Why not make a “Bee Hotel” to help our little friends.
Instructions written by one of our Wycombe FOE members

Bee Friendly Plants
See our list of Bee Friendly Plants by month of flowering.
More Than Honey
A documentary about the disappearance of Bees.

Wycombe Friends of the Earth became part of the Marinet campaigning group, because we are concerned about the multiple threats to Britain’s marine environment, and we support the urgent need to create an effective network of marine protected areas. WFOE continue to support Marinet in this important cause.
Link to Marinet