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Bee related facts and activities

Download Fun Leaflet on Bee Related Facts & Activities in the Wycombe area.

Bee_leaflet Bee_leaflet

Activity Sheets

Click on the pictures below for fun activity sheets for primary school aged children.
You will find Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter leaflets. ( Note: The activity sheets open in a new window – right click to download )



Make an easy bee and butterfly nectar drink.Nectar Feeder

Attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

  1. Take a sponge and ask the help of an adult to push a hole through it.  Put a piece of string through the hole and tie it to make a loop.
  2. Take a mug of warm water and add ¼ of a mug of sugar. Stir it until it dissolves.  
  3. Put the solution into a big screw top jar or a margarine tub with a lid.
  4. Dip the sponge into the solution and hold it over the solution until it stops dripping.
  5. Hang your ‘drink’ on a branch or fence and, if you are lucky, you can watch a bee or butterfly enjoy a drink.
  6. Keep the sugar solution and dip the sponge into it again each morning as it might have dried out during the previous day.
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