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Bee friendly plants

Bee Friendly – Wild Flower List
Shown below are the flowering months for various wild flowers.
May June July August
Dragon’s teeth Bee Orchid Agrimony Willow herb
Black Medick Birdsfoot Trefoil Bedstraw St John’s Wort
Bluebell Bladder Campion Bellflower Bedstraw
Buttercup Buttercup Enchanter’s Nightshade Bellflower
Celandine Clover Figwort Buttercup
Common Sorrel Common Poppy Heal Centaury
Cow Parsley Common Spotted Orchid Hemp Agrimony Chicory
Cowslip Dragon’s Teeth Knapweed Chiltern Gentian
Crosswort Foxglove Mallow Clover
Daisy Grass Vetchling Marjoram Eyebright
Dandelion Ground Elder Mullein Figwort
Garlic Mustard Hawkbit Musk Mallow Harebell
Grass Vetchling Hedge Woundwort Ragwort Hemp Agrimony
Green Alkanet Herb Robert Rosebay Willow herb Himalayan Balsam
Hawthorn Kidney Vetch Scabious Knapweed
Herb Robert Mallow Self Heal Mallow
Red Dead Nettle Milkwort St John’s Wort Marjoram
Speedwell Ox Eye Daisy Thistle Milkwort
Stitchwort Pyramidal Orchid Vervain Mullein
White Dead Nettle Red Campion Weld Ragwort
Wild Arum Self Heal Wild Parsnip Red Bartsia
Wild Garlic Speedwell Rest Harrow
Wood Spurge Vetch Rock Rose
Woodruff Primrose White Campion Scabious
Yellow Archangel White Helleborine Scarlet pimpernel
Self Heal

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